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We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with a specialized company that can offer services in English, Chinese, and Taiwanese to better serve our foreign customers.Those that are unable to communicate in Japanese can rest assured with the new system we have arranged that enables foreign customers not only to ask questions and have tours in their language,but also to be able to comfortably do paperwork and other move-in tasks.

As a real-estate value creation enterprise,

LANDIC produces living solutions for people centered in condominiums and for the environments that surround them by building shopping malls and office space. We have managed to improve the potential of a region by invigorating communities, bringing people together and putting smiles on their faces. With this, we hope to create a virtuous cycle. By designing spaces that put housing first, we aim to create added value you can't find anywhere else. Just as you would start by tilling soil, plantig seeds, and watering them to nurture a tiny seedling until it grows into a mighty tree, we start by creating residential spaces like condominiums and nurture a more lively and fulfilled town or community to create a bright, rich future.

Business overview

The drafting, planning, sale, and proxy sale of family-oriented owned apartments
and asset management style condominiums
developing privately owned detached housing
Real-estate securities, brokerage, and leasing and management operations

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With the continued patronage of our customers, we have been proudly providing these services for 23 years.